Duncan Barclay

Things I've made

I've worked on many things over the years. These are some of the more successful or interesting ones.

MapsTD - Tower defence on Google Maps

MapsTD, or Maps Tower Defence, is a game built on Google Maps. The aim is to protect your home from invading creeps by building towers, which attack the creeps.

It is the most successful project I personally built from scratch, having had 100,000 unique visitors with 180,000 games loaded within 4 days of launching.


Given MapsTD's use of the Google Maps API, the primary language used for development is JavaScript, with Mootools being used as a development toolkit.


MapsTD has been mentioned in the following places:


@BathFood is a Twitter account that tweets the latest food hygiene ratings for food establishments within the Bath area. The ratings are taken from the ratings.food.gov.uk website by a PHP script which adds them to a database, ready for another script to come along and tweet the latest every few hours.

BBC Backstage projects

Many years ago I made a number of prototypes using data available through BBC Backstage, including mapping news stories (featured in Linux Format) and travel data such as train delays, a tv listings app and many other small things. These have mostly gone offline now.